About Us

Kimberly Road Storage

The team at Kimberly Road Storage is dedicated to giving our clients storage units designed to meet your unique needs at the best rates. We aim to provide personal storage of various sizes at a great value. When you choose Kimberly Road Storage to store your belongings, you’re choosing a storage facility with special security measures, the choice of extra-large units, and our top-rated customer-oriented approach. We strive to be the best storage providers in Idaho.

Convenient Locations & Spacious Units

Self-storage is close to useless if the drive to your belongings is tedious and timely. That’s why storing with us means a convenient location Twin Falls, Idaho. Drop off and retrieve your items without throwing off your day’s schedule.

Our accessibility makes Kimberly Road Storage a competitive choice, but what sets us apart is out extra-wide units. Where most facilities only have 10-foot wide units, Kimberly Road Storage offers 12-foot wide units. No more time wasted backing awkward trailers into small spaces or climbing through a crowded unit to find a buried item.


Your Security is Our Priority

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and offering the cleanest storage units throughout the Wasatch Front, but we know that above all else, the security of your person and your belongings, is of the utmost importance. We are equipped with cameras, a gated entry, and a full-time on-site manager. These, among other security features, makes Kimberly Road Storage a safe and practical choice for all your storage needs.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your storage facility or are looking for more information about our units and rates, call us today! Whether you’re looking for storage for your next move, are downsizing, or storing recreational vehicles, we’ve got the right space for you. Fill out our contact form below to find out more.

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