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10 January, 2023

Goals for the New Year

Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday season. By now hopefully you are back into the swing of things at work and the kids are back at school. Hopefully you have had a chance to put all of the holiday decorations away and all your relatives made it back home with the crazy airport issues, so now what? Now is the time to think about how you can rock 2023.


Let us suggest some goals you might consider in the new year:


  1. Take on the project that your significant other has been nagging you about. Yes, just try to do one project in your home. You don’t have to do it all. Determine your budget and then make a list of all the things you dream of improving and pick the one item at the top of your list that fits your budget. If we can help you here at Kimberly Road Storage with this goal, please contact us. You might need to clean out the basement to finish it off. Maybe you need to move your belongings out so you can re-carpet the house. Bring your personal belongings to our storage facility on Kimberly Road so you can get the job done. We can take care of your stuff for a few months so you can get your project done.
  2. Clean out your garage. Winter is still going to be sticking around for a while. Get your tools and other storage items out of your garage so you can park your car in there. We provide storage solutions for all of Magic Valley, including Burley and Kimberly. You’ll thank us when you have to leave for work early in the morning and not have to worry about scraping snow and ice off of your windshield. 
  3. Get some work out equipment and start using it. No goal setting process would be complete without a health goal. You know that you got a little carried away with holiday goodies and you know you are avoiding the scale for a reason. Get that equipment and get to work. If you need to store some of your valuables so you can set up your equipment, contact us and we can help you out.
  4. Make one goal to organize one part of your life. Maybe that means coming up with a better system for your finances. Maybe that will entail using a daily planner. Perhaps you just have too much stuff in your home. We get it. It is amazing how fast we accumulate possessions. If you are in the Twin Falls, Idaho area and need to store your valuables to declutter your life, rent one of our storage units on Kimberly Road. We offer storage units in several different sizes to meet your needs. You will be surprised at how inexpensively you store you valuables with us. Please call us now, let us store your extra stuff for your peace of mind. 
  5. Set a goal to do a good deed. Pause for a moment, think of someone you know who could really use a boost. Now that someone has come to your mind, what can you do for this person? Think about this for a minute. Something will come to you. Write that on your list. Follow through with this one. You never know the difference you can make. You’ll feel so good, so do it. We can’t help you with this one, but we wish you well on your efforts to do good. 

Kimberly Road Storage in Twin Falls, Idaho is Magic Valley’s convenient, safe, and affordable storage solution.


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