How to Choose the Correct Size Storage Unit


When life brings you to the point of needing to rent a storage unit, whether you are moving, downsizing, doing renovations, or making room for an empty nester who is coming back home, it is important to know what size unit you will need. You not only want to store stuff, you also want to make sure your keepsakes, furniture, valuables, and other personal belongings are well situated in a storage unit that offers ample space and practical amenities.

At Kimberly Road Storage, we offer many sizes of storage units, that are secure and well-guarded. We offer you a variety of options to choose from. Keep in mind that our spacious, ventilated storage units offer anywhere from 
100 square feet for our 10-foot by 10-foot storage units all the way to 400 square feet for our 10-foot by 40-foot units.

We know that you are making a financial investment when you store your cherished items at our storage facility. So the last thing you want to do is waste money on a too-large unit or cram everything into a unit that is too small. That is far from the ideal storage situation.

In this space we will offer you practical, simple guidelines to help you select the perfect size storage unit for all your varied, important possessions.

Preliminary Steps to Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Make a list that is thorough so you will be less likely to forget items, which may require more space. Also consider future needs. For example, do you think you will be adding items later to the storage unit? If the answer is yes, then make sure that your designated storage space can accommodate your personal belongings now and later on.

Next, you want to assess the size and shapes of your soon-to-be-stored items. For instance, some boxed items will stack on top of each other, and others will be too heavy or awkward in shape. They will need their own space.
You might use a tape measure to determine how much space you will need. We suggest you use different types of containers or boxes to find out the most efficient way to store all your personal belongings.

Also factor in the weight of each of your boxes. Preview how much storage space you will need by packing your belongings and stacking them together. That way you can see for yourself in advance approximately how much space you will need for a storage unit.

Now that you have calculated the shapes and dimensions of your stored items, don’t forget to allow for adequate extra space – for later contingencies – and for ventilation. You will also want to be sure there are adequate walkways so you can get to your items easily and conveniently. What’s more, for items you will need to get to frequently, consider leaving space in the unit for an aisle.

Evaluating Storage Unit Sizes

10-foot by 10-foot Storage Unit (100 square feet)

Consider that the average bedroom measures 10 feet by 12 feet, allowing you to think of a 10-foot by 10-foot unit as a bedroom or a small, one-car garage. These units can store two-bedroom sets, including mattresses, nightstands, bed frames, and dressers.

When you want to store furniture from a family room, kitchen, and dining room, for instance, alongside your bedroom items, then you should opt for a bigger size unit.

10-foot by 15-foot Storage Unit (150 square feet) or
10-foot by 20-foot Storage Unit (200 square feet)

If you live in a more spartan style residence – generally having fewer possessions than the average person – then you might decide on a 10-foot by 15-foot unit. This space is almost the equivalent of a standard one-car garage. This size unit should be able to hold three full bedrooms’ worth of furniture, several boxes, and a few bulky items, such as a couch or a piano.

Remember, it is always better to go bigger if you are still somewhat unsure about space matching stuff.

10-foot by 30-foot Storage Unit (300 square feet)
This is one of our larger storage units, and it is comparable to a one-and-a-half car garage. You can fit the contents of an average four-to five-bedroom home that includes the beds, appliances, furniture, a dining room set, and at least several boxes of personal belongings.

A storage unit this size will be especially beneficial for those of you moving from a large house and downsizing to a smaller home. You can keep extra furniture and appliances in storage while you furnish your new home.

This type of storage unit can also be utilized by commercial customers who have a large inventory or excessive supplies that require permanent or temporary storage.

10-foot by 40-foot Storage Unit (400 square feet)
This is our largest storage unit. This extra-large unit can fit personal belongings, furniture, and your huge boxes of items in this size of unit. This storage unit can fit the equivalent of a two-car garage worth of stuff. You should have no problem storing items from a six to seven-bedroom home that includes beds, appliances, furniture, and dining goods, into a 10-foot by 40-foot unit.

Consider that this huge storage unit can not only contain your large home’s worth of personal belongings, beds, appliances, and furniture, but also your child’s stuff when they come home for the summer.

Whatever the occasion, you will find that a storage unit is the best solution for securing your stuff.

Why Kimberly Road Storage?

At Kimberly Road Storage, we understand that trust is of the utmost importance when it comes to services you count on during a move. That is why it is our mission to earn your trust by working closely with you to ensure all your storage needs are met in a timely fashion and at an affordable price!

Whether you’re swapping seasonal decor, downsizing, or renovating your home, we’ve got storage space to fit your needs.

We combine exceptional customer service with easily accessible storage units that come in a wide array of sizes to make your move as smooth and successful as possible. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to answer our client’s concerns, without compromising on our unbeatable rates!

See for yourself how Kimberly Road Storage provides the highest quality storage in all of Idaho.

Why Kimberly Road Storage?

We know there are no shortage of storage companies to choose from, so we thank you for selecting Kimberly Road Storage in Idaho Falls as your personal storage provider. At Kimberly Road Storage, we deliver unmatched customer service and extensive security that includes 24-hour site monitoring and the widest variety of storage units for fair and reasonable prices.

We also offer many different sizes and options for your unique and personal storage needs!

Our Idaho Falls storage locations are easily accessible and offer extra-wide lanes, as well as large storage units. You’ll find that Kimberly Road Storage goes the extra mile for you so you can comfortably bring larger vehicles to haul storage items or to be stored in one of our units.

You can count on Kimberly Road Storage to offer clean, safe, and secure self-storage units for rent.
Our facilities are designed to help you stay organized while keeping your belongings near you in a place you can trust. You will find Kimberly Road Storage to be reliable and there when you need us!

Feel free to call our team at any Kimberly Road Storage location today for a quote or for more information!

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