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6 October, 2022

Ten Tips for Moving in the Winter

Ten Tips for Moving in the Winter


Do you have a move coming up this winter? If so, now is a great time to start preparing for that. As you do so, keep in mind that Kimberly Road Storage has a convenient solution serving all of the greater Twin Falls area, including Burley and Kimberly.


So, what are some practical ways you can start getting ready for your move?


  1. Are you going to be going this alone or are you going to hire a moving company? If you are going to go it alone, do you have enough family and friends to make it work? Do you have a truck and a trailer or are you going to need to rent a moving truck?
  2. If you are going to hire a moving company, you need to know what it is going to cost. Do you have the funds set aside to cover the expenses. You also need to look at all of the options, moving companies vary in terms of what services they provide. Make sure you do your homework and just don’t hire the first company you talk to?
  3. Figure out the timing? Is there a gap between when you move out of the old and into the new? If so, will you need to rent a storage unit facility to protect your valuables? If you are going new a storage unit in Twin Falls, make sure you call in advance to check availability and remember that we are happy to service the Magic Valley.
  4. What will you do if the weather doesn’t cooperate on your move date? What sort of flexibility you have? Will your moving company work with you? If you have hired a rental truck, can you change the date? Will friends and family helping out be available?
  5. Do you have any possessions that are sensitive to cold weather or that are otherwise susceptible to damage from inclement weather? How can you protect these items? Are there certain things that you should move on your own and not have the moving company handle?
  6. Are you stocked up on warm clothing? Do you have hats and gloves available? Also, remember to wear layers. You may start out very cold, but remember, moving is hard work. You want to be layered so that you can remove that outer layer as you start getting hot.
  7. Do you have your snow shovel ready? You’ll want to make sure that you are able to keep the move area clean and dry, so no one slips and your valuables don’t get damaged.
  8. How do you find something specific after everything is packed? Label your boxes so your belongings are easy to find if you need access to your storage facility. You can use colorful packing tape, stickers, colorful pens to help label each of your items.
  9. Keep your private and most important documents in a plastic file folder. This will help alleviate a lot of headaches if you need to access anything important in a timely matter.
  10. Has moving made you hungry? Make sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand to help your move go smoothly.  It is a lot of work to move and you will want to stay hydrated and keep those hunger pains away.


Let a Storage Unit Rental Help with Your Move!

A storage unit rental can make all the difference. A storage unit rental is there for you through every step of your move. For example, when you first decide to sell your home, a storage unit rental will allow you to keep items you do not want displayed out of your home and in a secure location. After you move into your new home, a storage unit rental will help to keep you organized by creating additional storage space.


Kimberly Road Storage in Twin Falls is Magic Valley’s convenient, safe, and affordable storage solution.


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