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11 February, 2023

Valentine’s Ideas

Thank goodness we are on the back half of winter. Things are looking up! Spring will be here before you know it. While you are daydreaming of getting back onto the golf course or getting the ATV out of your storage unit here on Kimberly Road, don’t forget your someone special will be hoping you don’t forget about them this Valentine’s Day. To help you out, we are happy to share a few non-traditional ideas for you to consider so you don’t get in trouble.


Home Project

Talk about getting something lasting! Every home has some DIY project that isn’t that expensive and will make the house look a lot fresher. Perhaps your house has a room that needs to be repainted. Maybe you can add some built in shelving around the entertainment center. You’ll be surprised at how big of difference replacing a few light fixtures will do.


Now, if you really need to wow your special other, think about a bigger project. While not cheap, nothing will change the feel of your house like replacing the flooring, whether carpet, hardwood, or tile. If you take on this type of project, let us help you out. Kimberly Road Storage is safe and affordable. We serve the entity of Idaho’s Magic Valley, including Twin Falls, Kimberly, Jerome, and beyond. We offer various storage unit sizes to meet your needs.


Get Away

Surprise your spouse with a getaway, because, well, nothing is better than getting away. There is so much to see and do in the beautiful state of Idaho. While we love Twin Falls, spending a weekend in Sun Valley is always memorable. Island Park is always spectacular. Maybe you have an itch for some city life. Boise and Salt Lake City are closer than you think. Find a concert and a nice restaurant and create a memory.



Make something for your special someone. The sky is the limit. Print and frame a favorite picture. If you are really adventurous, make the frame. Make a piece of simple furniture. It doesn’t really matter, if it comes from the heart and takes time, it will be special.


Get a Real Toy

Why not now? Use your tax return and go for it. Buy the motorcycle that has long been discussed, but never purchased. Get an ATV. You will create memories for many years to come. If you feel like swinging big, get an RV. Spring is around the corner, imagine the fun you’ll have.


If you can pull this one off, congratulations to you and remember that Kimberly Road Storage is happy to help you store your toys in one our storage units at our secure location right here in Twin Falls. When you rent one of our storage units, you can feel a measure of peace because our manager lives of the premises.


Give the Gift of Time

Take the day off and just go low key. Maybe you take Valentine’s Day off, or maybe you wait until the Friday after Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just enjoy the day together. Sleep in. Deliver breakfast in bed, or cheat, if you need to, and go out to your favorite breakfast place. Then just lounge a bit and take a nap for sure at some point. For dinner, get your favorite food delivered and then find something fun to watch on Netflix, a romantic movie, of course. Bonus points is you make hot chocolate. Enjoy the cold day in your cozy house together!


Kimberly Road Storage in Twin Falls is Magic Valley’s convenient, safe, and affordable storage solution.















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